Artist Spotlight: Yury

PMH had a chance to talk with NY-based artist Yury and chatted about his unique style, as well as his story that led him to pursue a career and life in music. Yury’s music caught our eye because of its unique vibe, which we are always looking out for, so check him out!

Yury has lived all over the globe: born in Belarus, then Israel, then Toronto, then Little Rock, Arkansas, then Pittsburgh, and now lives in New York. (woah)

He spent his formative years in Pittsburgh, PA and found his inspiration to live a music life while in high school and college. After college, Yury decided to go all in. He moved to NYC and spent his time as a DJ to pay the bills that living in expensive NYC makes your top priority. This experience opened his eyes to how music was displayed at shows and the sounds that come out of the most popular songs and genres that you hear today.


His musical inspiration can be traced back to living in Toronto during the introduction of Daft Punk. He really connected with their music and just flat-out liked it. He listens to all sorts of music, from house electronic to the major names in hip-hop. This variety of influences and personal tastes led him to suit himself when it comes to making music.

The world-traveler decided that the industry could use a taste of Yury. About a year ago, he decided to begin making his own music and add his own spin to his sound. He calls his style ‘ambient trap’ or ‘down-tempo trap.’ I think both of these accurately describe his style. His music has an edge. It’s not necessarily an attitude that embodies his music, because he can cover all sorts of topics within his style. It is more just his sound and the vibe that you get from listening to his music. Watch the video for his song ‘Precedent’ below and you will see what I mean.

Today, Yury is always looking for something new when creating. He sticks to his guns, meaning that he looks to satisfy what he wants out of his music. This translates to the other aspects of being an artist in today’s day and age. Yury writes, produces, mixes, masters and records all of his music himself. Cutting out all of the middlemen that can sometimes hinder or affect the creative process, which ,in turn, makes his music extremely authentic. You know when you are listening that you are getting the true Yury experience.

When it comes to making it in any sort of media field, video can be a huge tool to take your content to the next level and make it more accessible or appealing to people. Yury has produced a short film that has seen film festivals with the only audio being his music. His music videos are interesting and at times even mesmerizing to watch. He has identified video as a vessel to bring his music to more and more people, which is good news to us! We get these amazing visuals (like the video above produced by @GURUblue_) and add to our own experience when listening to his music. Up-and-coming artists listen up! This is a great way to attack the obstacle of spreading your music and widening your influence.

Take a trip on Yury’s video for his song ‘1984’:

Yury’s support crew (s/o Jeff, Gabby, Cameron and Gabe) are with him as he takes a very entrepreneurial approach to stardom. His end goal is simply to live a life in the music industry. He has seen success to this point that has given him the go-ahead to continue charging on and working towards that goal. He wants to write for other artists, continue to expand on his unique sound, go on tour, and live a life where his job is to be creative. If what he has put out so far says anything, it is that he has what it takes to do just that. All in all, he is a cool dude that is super creative and good at what he does.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 7.28.12 PM.png

Follow Yury with the links below, and listen to his music on Spotify, Apple Music or SoundCloud so that you can get the full Yury experience.




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