Artist Spotlight: Bobby Bell

PMH is always looking for the best up-and-comers in music, and we found ourselves another gem in Bobby Bell! This rapper is based out in California, and his music is starting to turn heads.

Growing up near LA, Bobby Bell was always around music. He lived in a tough neighborhood, but he feels like this upbringing shaped a bigger mindset that he benefits from to this day. Going through tough stuff and not wanting to be a part of it meant that he needed a release and he found that in music. In 2004, around when he started getting into music, Kid Cudi caught his ear, but he never stuck to one genre. Old 90s R&B and Linkin Park were thrown into the mix as well. The lyrical nature of hip-hop ended up being what drew him to the genre and began what would become his blossoming music career.

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Bobby has been writing music since fourth grade. He thinks that his music is unique because he stands for a different crowd of people. You can hear this in his music, there is a twist that sets his music apart. On top of this uniqueness, there is this sense that his music is relatable. This line is a hard one to walk, but Bobby walks it with style. You can catch a feel from his music, but you can actually feel it yourself.

Two songs to highlight for Bobby are:

This track features a bouncy beat and a sing-song rap style from Bobby that make for an exciting and relaxing feel while listening. If I had to choose a favorite track in the impressive lineup, this would be mine.

‘PEDRO LUHH PESOS’ was the track that Bobby pointed out to me as a track that exemplifies his style. This groovy track has awesome movement, and be careful when you listen because it could get stuck in your head for weeks.

Bobby has a very simple goal with the direction of his career… make money. He has plans to do this in unconventional ways. He plans on making moves towards a label and using his influence as a successful artist to help other artists and build a brand. His pursuit of money is for all the right reasons, he just wants to keep his family and those close to him in good shape, and everything else is gravy.

He wants to be a bigger part of the music industry than just an artist. His wise words are, “You don’t walk up to something and stand in front of it to see the bigger picture, you have to step back to appreciate it.” Bobby has stepped back, made his plan, and now he is on his way to being a major player in the music industry. We here at PMH are excited to see where he goes, and we will be sure to keep track of him and let you know.

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