JPan went on Vapor Radio to Discuss His Music and PMH

PMH co-founder Joey P went on Vapor Radio recently and was interviewed as a part of a spotlight series for the show. His music has some reach and caught the attention of the West Coast radio series that looks to find new artists, similar to what we are doing here with the blog and video production.

He was asked about what got him into music and what he wanted to get out of making music, and Joey’s answer included the truth about his passion and love for music, which led him to start writing songs, as well as his push to keep PMH climbing to become a legitimate place to find anything and everything about up-and-coming music.

If you have been living under a rock, here is JPan’s first song and video… ‘Feel It 2’

The guys at Vapor were really feelin’ this track that got JPan started, and asked him some awesome questions about his background, his musical tastes, as well as some off-the-wall questions towards the end. Listeners even got a chance to listen to the track during the interview. All in all, it was great for JPan and great for PMH to be able to go on to a show hosted all the way across the country, and validates what J is doing musically as well as what we are doing here at PMH. Let’s hope that this is not a rare occurrence, and we keep goin’ up!

Shout out to the guys at Vapor Radio for gettin Joey and his music in front of their listeners, and we at PMH love what t are doing as far as paying attention and seeing value in broadcasting new artists as they enter the world of making music. It is important and entertaining, so keep it up fellas.

JPan and another PMH co-founder, Dean Riley aka Grim, are happy to announce that the newest PMH video will be for their song ‘Deceiving’… coming Thursday, August 2nd at 10 PM. That is tomorrow, people… buckle up.

Besides flexing their musical talent, this video will do big things to show others what PMH is capable of from a video production standpoint. So if you see this and you want your own video for your own music, business, party, or whatever else you would want a video for, hit us up at and we will talk to you about your vision and how we can make that happen!

Listen below to the full interview from Vapor Radio and our boy Joey P!

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