Reo Cragun’s New Track ‘Last Goodbyes’ is a Must Listen

You may have heard of Reo Cragun, you might not have. If there was a list of artists that you NEED to know, Reo Cragun would occupy the top 5 spots of that list. I saw his latest release on a friend of PMH’s Snapchat story. Ox has long been supplying Loud Level and now PMH with talented artists and amazing music since day 1, and he is the reason I have been bumping this track all day.

Before I get to ‘Last Goodbyes,’ lets start with some other great songs Reo has blessed us with.

Listen to any of these songs and you will see why he is an artist you need to be listening to. He has a voice that transcends genre, the guy could sing a Panic! at the Disco song and blow it out of the water, and then turn around and produce a hip-hop track that moves your head and toe with a beat and your emotions with his piercing voice. I love that versatility and it is apparent just from listening to a single track in the list above.

(My personal favorites so far are ‘Trap Music’ and ‘Prom Night’.)

His latest release, ‘Last Goodbyes’, comes in as one of his best tracks yet. There are so many elements that are noteworthy, but they combine for a direct and powerful sound. Listen to it here:

The song begins with the synth that sounds like someone sneaking up behind you reallllyyyy slowly, and Reo singing as if in desperation…

” Running out

Running out

We’re running out 

Running out “

As the first verse begins, the hi-hats and kick bust in to set the track in motion. It is nearly impossible to keep that stanky groove look off your face. He combines singing and a sing-song rap style to explain falling out with a love interest. The haunting vibe that persists throughout the song comes from a combination of the creeping beat and the vocals that swell and flow, building with suspense and subsiding with meaningful lyrics.

It is almost mesmerizing to listen to when you consider the subject matter. It is that song that you zone out to when its coming through the speakers. Safe to say I am a fan, and I think anyone who takes the time to dive into it and give it full attention will to.

Be on the lookout for more from Reo Cragun, and we will be reaching out to him in the hopes that we can learn more about him. But for now, enjoy this track and some of the other gems on all platforms!

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