Exciting, Mesmerizing, Intoxicating… Check Out the Mysterious Sickick

I was getting tired of my music rotation recently, so I went looking for something new, interesting or different. The search was frustratingly slow, and then this popped up onto my Instagram explore page…

I am obsessed with the trend of artists looping live sounds over themselves because I think it adds a lot to the experience of music. Hearing the individual layers combine in real time to create a sound is super interesting, and takes a lot of skill to present to the audience like this.

The first thing that hit me about this video was Sickick’s voice, it sounds autotuned or even like he was playing it on a beat pad. He is so precise with the insane notes that he can easily achieve, and each sequence of notes sounds exactly the same as the one before it.

Add in the ‘Gansta Pawtyy’ before the beat drops and you’ve got me hooked. This led me to look into some of the other stuff that’s out there by this mysterious masked man. I won’t go into detail about each one, but here is some of the best stuff I could find.


He has the dark mystique that can only be backed up by insane talent. He has a little something for everyone… vocals that are on par with Weeknd, crazy DJ skills, all with an inventiveness and character to make for a cool, weird, exciting artist.

This video made my nerd side freak out. It’s so quirky and funky but then the beat he makes with the sound is cool and dark and deep.

Check out his Instagram below for other cool and unique videos, and his Spotify lineup is pretty good too.



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