Friday Feature: Evolution of Zavy Continues with ‘Crazy’

PMH and Loud Level frequent flyer Zavy has been on our radar for a long time, but the young singing talent is blossoming with his crew out in California. The currently unreleased track, set to drop in about a week, is a testament to the musical growth and burgeoning confidence that Zavy has attained throughout this impressive start to his career.

Listen to this track and let it take you on a ride…

I love this track for a million reasons, but here are a couple.

First, I have always been a fan of Zavy’s voice. He has a crisp tone that sounds young and energetic and invites you to sing along. His vocals shine especially when he climbs up the ladder and comes back down again all in one stanza. Check in right at 1:25 and you’ll see what I mean, I’ve listened to it about 100 times already. This song is great for Zavy fans because his vocals have nowhere to hide, they drive the song and sit on top of all of the other elements that combine to bring us a banger.

The other thing that makes the song great is what I like to call its “chug-ability.” This song has legs, driven by swooping synth chords and drum kicks that pound along like a stormy sea as the lyrics float across the top. The contrast of smooth transitions in the lyrics and abrupt stops and starts of the instrumentals make this song a ton of fun to listen to, with a lot of good things going on.

Check back into PMH later this week to hear more from Zavy, Ox, Prznt and Watrcup as we check back in and find out their progress on the Left Coast.

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