About Us

Welcome to Prospect Media House! 

PMH, founded in 2017, is simply a group of young guys that love music. Our team is dedicated to highlighting fresh, new talent in the music industry through video production and a music news feed that ensures that our readers don’t miss a thing as new sounds and artists are on the rise.


Dean Riley is the primary videographer for the site and the creative director for a lot of the awesome visuals and media that PMH produces. Check out the ‘Videos’ page to see what Dean, along with Joe and Carlton, have produced. If you would like to inquire about these guys producing a video for you, send an email to outreach@prospectmediahouse.com.

Joe Panariello is in charge of sales and outreach for PMH. As one of the core four founders, he does everything for the site to get the word out and sell our vision for the future of music. Joe can be reached by emailing outreach@prospectmediahouse.com. Hit him up for any questions you may have.

Carlton Ekiyor is the wheeler and dealer on staff for PMH. A sales wizard, Carlton will join forces with Joe to push PMH and get the site to where we want to be. Carlton and Joe will be the faces and voice of PMH, so be on the lookout!

Danny Turck is the primary blogger and works on the website side of things at PMH. Interviewing artists, coming up with fun music content is the name of the game for Danny, check out the ‘News’ page to see what he’s got cookin’! If you would like to talk to Danny and be the focus of a PMH article, send him an email at outreach@prospectmediahouse.com and he will set it up!


Our web-store is filled with the freshest gear featuring the PMH logo. Pick some up today to look good and help us continue to reach out and expose tomorrow’s biggest names in music.

Keep jammin’!